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Users of temporary containment equipment tend to use it on a project-related basis. This makes the burden of ownership more difficult to justify and can result in higher internal hurdles for capital expenditure.

This is why CONTRACTORS, CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES, MINING COMPANIES, PIPE-LINERS AND OIL PRODUCERS choose to rent rather than purchase temporary use storage and containment products.


1) It increases the operating flexibility in managing demand variation, space restrictions, maintenance requirements and other such considerations.

2) Allows companies to gain access to a greater variety of products as well as technical and operation support from industry experts.

3) Allows companies to focus on their core businesses and transfer the burden of financing costs.

4) In addition, through temporary or 'rental' use of these containment products, users may avoid the time and expense of permits which are required for permanent tanks.





service truck When you get a double-wall rental tank from Tanks Direct, you not only get top quality equipment, you also get excellent service at no extra charge...

In the event of an equipment malfunction, we can have a service technician on site within 24 hours of call to replace the equipment or repair the problem.

We know that down time of your double-wall rental tank and equipment cost you money and we therefore pride ourselves on supplying quality equipment backed up with the best service in the industry. Our team of service professionals have over 30 years of industry experience and can fix any problems that arise.


THE IMPLEMENTATION OF A PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM will also instill confidence that legislated fuel storage compliance for safe operation of your fuel systems is consistently being met. Tanks Direct will work with you to tailor a program to fit your needs. Tanks Direct would be happy to discuss your current business needs and implement a preventative maintenance program that will help to extend the life of your assets.

At Tanks Direct, we understand our customers’ needs and are committed to improving their bottom line. We employ care in addressing the environmental sensitivities associated with the handling of fuel and provide a host of services that can give you the results you need in an environmentally sound process. We specialize in fuel tank rentals, service, spill containment, and maintenance.


ONGOING PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE - Let our knowledgeable staff design a preventative maintenance plan that promotes extended equipment life that will help prevent costly breakdowns. Our uniquely-designed program will provide:

  • A clean, reliable tank and fuel supply
  • Extended equipment life and performance
  • Documented “due diligence” records
  • Professional recommendations for extended tank life
  • Satisfy the requirements of National and Provincial fire codes
  • Service in any location – Our CPCA accredited Petroleum Mechanics are available on demand and can service all types of fuel storage tanks in any location.